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Brands like LUSH generally cater to a female audience and are not very inclusive in targeting men in their campaigns, even though their products are made to benefit all skin types regardless of gender. We want to entice a male audience, specifically African American men, into purchasing face masks by responding to that disinclusive stigma and displaying that purchasing a face mask should be viewed the same as purchasing a tooth brush, body wash, or any other hygienic product.

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Many people would consider music an integral part of their lives. For the African American community, music specifically hip hop and rap, is a staple. It has been a constant means of communication, community, and self-expression. Applications such as Spotify have made music more personal, easily accessible, and shareable for 60 million subscribers. LUSH would partner with Spotify to create playlists specific to each of their masks or product. For a limited time LUSH products would come with a QR that would lead to a playlist curated to the feeling of each product. The Cup O’ Coffee mask curated to the feeling of each product. The Cup O’Coffee mask is meant to “wake up tired completions” so the playlist will mimic that by consisting of a variety of motivational, energizing, “get your day started” songs. Our audience will appreciate a well made playlist and would be inspired to send it to friends or look into other “mask-lists", which gives the advertising an additional sharable component that has the potential to increase impressions. Adding something the consumer already enjoys on a familiar platform will ensure the message is casually perceived and easily integrated.

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